A SSAS is a specific type of occupational pension scheme designed to give members the maximum possible control over their pension scheme and its investments. It must be set up by a company (the ‘sponsoring employer’) and is particularly suitable for directors of private companies as these individuals also act as the scheme trustees. This allows directors to retain full control over investment decisions and, if they wish, to use their pension fund to make a loanback to the business and/or invest in commercial property that can be let to the company.

About SSAS

Contributions and Transfers

Members and sponsoring employers can make one-off or regular pension contributions to their SSAS. Also, members can normally make transfers from their other pension arrangements to their SSAS.

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The investment flexibility of a SSAS allows members to invest their pension fund in a very wide range of investments. Vintage SSAS Services does not provide investment advice and will not dictate the investments that can, and cannot, be made in a SSAS. We will advise on the tax implications of potential SSAS investments but it is ultimately a matter for the SSAS trustees to decide which investments to make.

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Members can take benefits from their SSAS fund at any time from the age of 55, or earlier in certain cases such as serious ill-health or if the individual has a protected pension age.

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Our literature library includes all the documentation you will need to open a SSAS scheme with Vintage SSAS Services. You will also find a range of brochures outlining key aspects of our offering as well as wider information on all things SSAS-related to keep you fully informed and answer your FAQs.

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