We aim to provide our SSAS clients with as much flexibility as possible whilst ensuring compliance with all the relevant HMRC, regulatory and statutory requirements.

SSASs are no longer required to have a professional trustee and, rather than being appointed as a trustee, Vintage SSAS Services acts as the HMRC-authorised Scheme Practitioner and provides all the support services that SSAS trustees need to operate their pension scheme efficiently and compliantly. In this way, we create more flexibility for our SSAS clients than most other SSAS practitioners.



Each SSAS needs its own bank account and we usually set up SSAS bank accounts with Cater Allen Private Bank (part of the Santander Group). This allows our clients to benefit from the specialist SSAS banking services for which Cater Allen has been renowned for many years. Cater Allen has its own banking licence and is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. As a co-signatory to our SSAS clients’ bank accounts, we monitor each scheme’s financial activity and ensure that it operates in accordance with all relevant requirements.

All interest paid by Cater Allen is credited to the scheme’s bank account and Vintage SSAS Services does not receive any form of commission from Cater Allen.

What We

Do For You

Setting up a new SSAS

If you wish to set up a new SSAS then we will guide and support you through every stage of the process. We will provide all of the documentation needed to establish the SSAS and register the scheme with HMRC. We will also set up a separate bank account for your new SSAS.

Taking over an existing SSAS

If you already have a SSAS then we can take over the provision of all the support services required to operate the scheme efficiently, compliantly and flexibly. As part of the takeover process we will carry out a full review of your SSAS and provide the ongoing services outlined below.

Ongoing SSAS


Once a SSAS has been set up, we will provide a full range of ongoing support services and act as the Scheme Practitioner.

Our key ongoing services include:

Act as a co-signatory to the scheme’s bank account

Provide advice on any technical, administrative or other queries in relation to the scheme

Assist with compliance on all relevant HMRC, regulatory and statutory requirements

Maintain and update the scheme’s membership records

Maintain and update records of the apportionment of the fund between the members (for schemes with more than one member)

Submit annual Registered Pension Scheme Returns and any other returns or reports required by HMRC

Submit triennial Scheme Returns and any other returns or reports required by The Pensions Regulator (for schemes with more than one member)

Provide generic advice on benefits payable under the SSAS, including Lifetime Allowance tests

Keep individuals informed on their duties as Trustee

Keep members informed on how their pension scheme is performing.